The future of real food begins with young farmers

To truly Cultivate a Better World, we need young and diverse farmers helping lead the charge. That’s why more than 85% of our 225 seed grant winners over the past 4 years are BIPOC. Meet some of our 2023 seed grant winners and learn how they are investing their $5,000 Seed Grants to grow their farms.

Emmanuel Marte
Micro2life LLC, Connecticut
Kaneisha Miller
EM Farms LLC, Georgia
James Mosbey II
Liberty Village, Texas
Ginga Newton
Growing Together, Minnesota
Tonni Oberly
Oaks & Sprouts Limited, Ohio
Dania Ortiz Flores
Global Village at Tuck Away Farm LLC, Massachusetts
Antonia Perez
Herban Cura, New York
Kelly Peters
Flat Tack Farm, Washington
Tadilka Rivera
La microFinca, Puerto Rico
Ana Rodriguez
Finca Unagua, Puerto Rico
Chana Rusanov
Linke Fligl, New York
Jade Sato
Minoru Farm, Colorado
Sergio Schwartz
Del Cielo Farm, New Mexico
Juan Serrano
Redbrooke Ranch, Tennessee
Simiya Sudduth
Tha Muthaship, Missouri
Dreu VanHoose
VanHoose Hemp Co., Alabama
Riann Wakefield
Wakefield Coffee & Tea LLC, Hawaii
Isis Walls
Five Finger Farms, California
Adam Igwe
Water Rock Farming, Nevada

Here at Water Rock Farming, we practice what we call Hemp-Based Permaculture. This is Regenerative, Sustainable and Climate Smart Farming practices of all types put together around our commodity hemp crop we grow. Basically, we use hemp to grow hemp. The biowaste from our hemp is resourcefully used as compost and other soil amendments to build the soil after every grow. We are also working on implementing food crops into our operation to help serve our community with healthy local produce. I bought our 5-acre property here in Southern Nevada in 2016 with a vision to grow something. Growing hemp was a calling for me when I discovered the difference between marijuana and hemp. I discovered its resourcefulness and unnecessary suppression by researching books such as The Emperor Wears No Clothes by Jack Herer that inspired me to do my part in bringing this plant back to American Agriculture to help the small farmers thrive once again as our forefathers of this great nation envisioned and intended. When I learned we had a state hemp program through the Nevada Department of Agriculture to do so and it was game on! I started out by helping local farmers who were also a part of the hemp program helping them cultivate and process the plant for about 4 years. I then implemented what I learned into my own unique farm operation. Growing hemp also inspired me to grow other crops such as produce and raise livestock to help create a sustainable lifestyle for my family and local community.

The funds from this grant will go towards helping to support and grow our farm’s vision and outreach to our community. We want to do things to help erase some of our community’s carbon footprint by composting local food waste from schools and businesses as well as providing them with locally grown produce from our operation.

We are in dire need of a front loader tractor but cannot afford one. Fortunately, we do have an ATV and have been using cultivation attachments on it to work the ground. We found that there is a Front Loader Attachment for ATV's that turns your quad into a superior workhorse. This attachment would assist us in much needed rock removal of our field and help us to turn and sift compost with ease. The cost for it is about $5k plus shipping. Getting this grant makes purchasing this much needed piece of equipment more affordable for us and makes this investment a reality.

Aerhealle Chace
Interaction Gardens, North Carolina

In addition to being a beginning farmer, I am a wife, mother, and non-profit worker in Eastern North Carolina. I am thankful to work with a group of people who are working hard to reshape the food system in our area. My micro-farm, Interaction Gardens, began in 2022 with a mission to share the love of growing and to provide a diversified, seasonal offering of fresh, local goods to the community. I plan to use this grant funding to expand the planting area, improve infrastructure like fencing and irrigation, and to invest in marketing to help me better reach my customers.

Aja Embry
Mystic Roots Medicinal Farm & Apothecary, Georgia

Aja started growing over 13 years ago, she fell in love with the healing she found in nature. Through the years she has focused on uplifting and educating the community around her with what she has learned. The decision  to move to the Georgia coast presented itself and she is eager to learn from this new land. This project is about listening to the land in order to connect with our ancestors, and to reconnect with our truest selves. We plan to purchase fruit trees, soil and amendments, and tools.

Aleta Pierce
Beet Generation Farm, California

Beet Generation Farm is a place where people find home and belonging through kinship with land. We grow diverse vegetables and fruits on 1.5 acres, run a 50-member seasonal CSA program, and attend local farmers markets. We use organic and regenerative practices, focus on soil health to grow the most nutrient-dense food possible, and we pour a lot of love into the land and food. This year we have relocated our operation to a new piece of land, and we are incredibly grateful for this funding to help us get established with new infrastructure including a new wash/pack shed and irrigation system, and for allowing us to purchase materials to build up soil health with organic compost, mulches and amendments.

Alexys Romo
Black Thumb Farm, California

Black Thumb Farm’s programming focuses on educating BIPOC youth in underserved communities and restoring the vital, broken connections of communities with nutritious food and with the land. BTF’s unique approach to this work not only provides direct benefits to these communities by improving access to nutrition and greener, safer community spaces, but also by preparing youth through education, leadership programming, and job skills training, to become more civically engaged advocates for their communities in the fight to redress these systemic injustices. BTF programming provides a suite of practical, 21st century skills, while also recognizing the importance of maintaining a connection to traditional, ancestral forms of knowledge in farming practice and foodways.

Alfredo Alcantara
Dear Native Grapes, New York

Dear Native Grapes is a small farm and winery devoted to America’s forgotten wine grapes. Based in New York's Catskill Mountains, the project is focused on growing native and hybrid grape varieties lost during Prohibition, as well as experimenting with newer varieties suited to our changing climate.

Funding from the Young Farmers Grant Program will help us purchase a wood chipper and a flail mower–tools that will greatly help us achieve our regenerative and holistic farming goals.

Amalia Colón-Nava
Dirtbaby Farm, Pennsylvania

Amalia Colón-Nava is a farmer, community organizer, and a co-owner of Dirtbaby Farm, which is a worker-owned farm cooperative growing vegetables and herbs for our community of neighbors, artists, mothers, and children in Northwest Philadelphia. Dirtbaby Farm aims to increase access to fresh, local produce that is affordable, delicious, and thoughtfully grown. We farm and steward our 1/4 acre of leased land with no-till and chemical-free growing methods; prioritizing land health alongside human health. The 2023 Young Farmers Grant will cover 95% of our community plot rental and also compensate owners two months of labor compensation.

Amanda Wong
Star Route Farm, New York

Amanda Wong is co-owner of Star Route Farm and organizer of the Catskills Agrarian Alliance. She continues to work towards a  complete food system transformation that (1) prioritizes living wages, healthcare, and secure housing for all food system workers (2) centers and creates conditions for BIPOC agrarianism to actually flourish (3) replaces extraction with mutual-aid and the communal sharing of resources (4) grows food naturally and takes care of the soil (5) is led by the working class and serves all people with nutrient-dense, ecologically grown food. She hopes all her time spent toiling away on the farm may actually change the world. The grant will be used to help create a permanent wash pack building!

Andrea Carter
Luna de Sonora Herb Farm, Arizona

Andrea Yasmeen Carter is co-owner of Luna de Sonora Herb Farm in Tucson, AZ. Her farm grows medicinal plants and desert adapted food crops. This grant will support the purchase of needed tractor implements for field and bed preparation.

Anna Hankins
Over the Moon Farm & Flowers, Iowa

Anna Hankins (she/her) and her wife Shae Pesek (she/her), farm in rural Delaware County, Iowa. Together they own and operate Over the Moon Farm & Flowers, a diversified direct to consumer farm serving Eastern, Iowa. The two raise chicken, turkey, duck, farrow to finish pork, and grow seasonal cut-flowers for market from May-September. In addition, Anna is on the Board of Practical Farmers of Iowa, as well as a Humane Livestock Farming Mentor through the Food Animal Concerns Trust. This grant funding will support the construction of a meat warehouse that will allow us to scale our production and distribution to our community.

Anthony Gayles Jr.
Littlefoot Farm, Georgia

Littlefoot Farm is a Certified Naturally Grown market farm serving Northeast Georgia communities experiencing food apartheid. Our mission is to strengthen communities through food and fellowship. The grant funds will be used for our barn retrofit to create a all-season workshop, and space for washing and packing produce.

Ashley TenHarmsel
North Harvest CSA, Michigan

North Harvest CSA is a small farm located in the upper peninsula of Michigan. Our mission is provide high quality vegetables, fruit, herbs and value added goods to our wonderfully supportive community. We plan to use the funds from this grant to build a greenhouse/nursery to increase our production of plant starts and extend our short season. We will be building several permanent beds in the greenhouse to increase early and late production of greens, lettuce and other crops.

Azeem Zakir Kareem
Samad Gardens Initiative, Connecticut

Azeem Zakir Kareem is a farmer, educator, organizer and advocate for the BIPOC farming community in Connecticut and nationwide. He is the co-founder of Samad Gardens Initiative, a farm business with rural and urban production centers, whose mission is to bridge the food and farm education access gap to the BIPOC community in central Connecticut and beyond. This National Young Farmer Grant award will be used to support the ownership transfer and transformation of an vacant lot into an urban farm, to produce fresh produce and expose community youth to the possibilities in urban agriculture.

Chalchiuhkoatl Kardós
We Have Always Been Related, Wisconsin

Chalchiuhkoatl “Chalchi” (they/them, elle) is a transqueer two-spirit Nepantleru of Maaya, German and Danish descent. They tend space at the in between as a healer, traditional birth worker, parent and learner of el solar, le kool, y la huerta. They make home at Minowakiing, traditional homelands of Hoocak, Bodewadmi, Mamaceqtaw, and black liberator lands, colonially known as “Milwaukee, Wisconsin,” and Ma’ya’ab, Maaya ancestral homelands at what is often referred to as the Yucatán Peninsula. They are the visionary steward of We Have Always Been Related (WHABR), a collective of beloved intergenerational two-spirit, queer, trans, nonbinary, and gender expansive BIPOC earthworkin’ regenerating kinship webworks of healing and connection as we reclaim and embody our sacred traditional roles in our communities once again. This funding will support our collective to host a trilingual, multi-day cultural interchange and knowledge share on fermented microorganism bio fertilizer, purchase a dehydrator and compensate one of our WHABR members to support regularly on farm!

Chasity Salvador
Sandstone Farm, New Mexico

Sandstone farm located in our beloved home of Acoma Pueblo was birthed from my heart and love for my family, my community, and our beloved seed, water, and plant relatives by and for the hearts of young Pueblo women and girls. We focus on continuing the seed cultivating traditions of our Pueblo ways by growing almost all traditional Pueblo seeds, focusing on soil regeneration, comprehensive seedkeeping, and learning our dry-land farming traditions. We also focus on growing medicinal and edible plants and herbs used for community remedy making and as a way to give back to the plant relatives that give so much life to our community. This farm alternates each season in terms of what we grow, and is led by the needs of the community.

This grant will be used to create a hoop house near our field to serve as a home for plant starts, tool storage, and a place of gathering for family and community who aspire to support each growing season. This grant will also support the expansion of our farm to be a place of growing vulnerable Pueblo heirloom seeds and growing large amounts of root and green vegetables for community distribution.

Chloe Moore
Southside Community Farm, North Carolina

Chloe Moore (he/she) serves Southside Community Farm as farm manager, where she grows and distributes healthy food and leads events such as the Southside BIPOC Farmers Market. Chloe strives to reconnect people of color with land and food in ways that feel empowering, restorative, and delightful. He is a queer, Black and Boricua, landless farmer, educator, and foster parent who loves to eat good food, sing to plants, and play in the dirt. Chloe is also a co-creator of Liberation Tools, providing hand-forged farm and garden tools to land stewards of color for free by selling the same high quality tools at twice the cost of production using a sell one, liberate one model.

Christina Couch
Pura Farms, New Jersey

Christina Couch is a first generation farmer, founder of Pura Farms in New Jersey, and the first student to access land through the RU Ready to Farm Business Incubator. Pura Farms is, at the surface, a specialty vegetable and herb operation, but dig a bit deeper and it reveals itself as the anchor of a much larger vision. Christina is building a more collaborative and localized food supply chain in New Jersey and the Mid-Atlantic region.

The Young Farmer grant will not only support with startup costs for farm materials and supplies, but will allow Pura Farms to transform into a future aggregator in years to come. The support of National Young Farmers Coalition and Chipotle will allow Pura Farms to bring products together from a myriad of producers to create a more consistent supply of truly local food, while uplifting the next generation of growers.

Dee Thao
Mom's Garden, Minnesota

I started Mom's Garden to pay homage to my mom, Zoua Lee. Every summer for as long as I can remember she has always farmed and I would looked forward to harvesting season when she would fill our fridge with fresh produce from her farm. I am now married and have children of my own but have continued looking forward to fresh produce every year from her.

I wanted to learn from her and be able to pass down her knowledge to my children and hopefully someday they too will look forward to the abundant produce our farm brings. I wanted to be able to share the love I received from my mom with the people in our community, so with my Mom's help we started Mom's Garden.

Denise Sherow
NC Farm and Forage, North Carolina

We are NC Farm and Forage, a small homestead that started as a community re-wilding project focused on restoring the human-nature connection through land stewardship and regenerative gardening practices. Recently, we founded a local non-profit organization called NC Nature School 501(c)(3) to provide land-stewardship programs for children. We host the organization and other community enrichment programs at our Farm and Forage Homestead in Wake Forest, North Carolina.

Our goal is to become a self-sustaining regenerative permaculture farm that lives in harmony with native wildlife, and use it to educate our family and community on how to live in harmony with nature. With this grant, we plan to acquire the necessary tools to begin restoring the land on our 2.3-acre property. Our plans include removing non-beneficial, invasive and non-native plants, preparing and beginning our self-sustaining food forest, restore and build structures on the property, create more accessibility, and creating learning spaces for the community and our non-profit organization's educational programs.

Dominique Bostic-Arrngton
AAA Therapeutic Solutions, North Carolina

We are a family owned farm and we provide nature based services to our community to improve mental and physical wellness through education, community events and fresh produce. We currently provide small scale produce, herbs and eggs to our community but through this grant we will be able to expand and grow through all season growing (greenhouse purchase) and providing healthy food choices to underserved communities (community garden and broiler chickens). This grant not only positively impacts our farm by decreasing debt but in turn positively impacts our community by providing accessible and healthy choices.

Drew Glover
The Local Farm Cooperative, Alabama

I am a worker-owner at the Local Farm Cooperative located in Selma, AL. Built on the belief that a strong community requires strong relationships, The Local Farm Cooperative is dedicated to creating an alternative economy that serves people, values the importance of labor, and is informed and led by individuals directly impacted by white supremacy, systemic violence, and inequity in the United States.

We recently purchased the second half of a three-acre plot in the middle of a predominantly Black neighborhood. These funds will go to support Spring planting and preparation of the land.

Dulime Saint-Jean
LaKay Farm, North Carolina

LaKay Farm is a first generation Haitian farm located in Louisburg, NC that believes we are the product of what we eat. As a result, we pride ourself into raising our livestock free-range and as holistically as possible. We plan and diligently work on being a fully regenerative farm by 2027 and with the help from National Young Farmer and Chipotle we will clear a few acres to create pastures for rotational grazing.

Iman Labanieh
Baylasan Botanicals, Oregon

Baylasan Botanicals is a small farm and herbal medicine business in Portland, Oregon, on the homelands of the Chinook, Multnomah, Clackamas, and the many others who made home along the Waters of the Columbia and Willamette rivers. Born from a love of plants and a desire to heal with the land and soil, the Baylasan tiny farm has been a labor of love and connection. Iman sees ecological tending, stewardship, and knowledge as a framework and roadmap to liberation. She grows an abundance of medicinal herbs and a select few cultural veggies to share with community.

Kait Crowley
PK Pastures, Oregon

Kait Crowley is a first generation farmer raising Animal-Welfare-Approved livestock on certified organic pasture on the traditional lands of the Kalapuya people in Sweet Home, Oregon. They have been working on sustainable small farms for more than a decade, and are passionate about cultivating change through regenerative farming systems that feed community. Their farm, PK Pastures, is largely supported by a robust CSA program with a 'Pay-What-You-Can' sliding scale equity pricing structure. This grant award will enable them to hire their first ever employee!

Katya Castillo
Thirteen Sisters Farm, California

We a small, multicultural, organic farm, residential community, educational hub, and healing space located on ancient MiWok Land in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada, California. Thirteen Sisters Farm is a sanctuary for learning, healing, reconnecting, decolonizing, remembering and living in reciprocal relationship with the land, humans and our more-than-human kin. In addition to cultivating food and medicinals for the community, the farm acts as a gathering space to share our skills and stories, to embody deep care and inter-generational community support, and learn from the elements and the seasons as our teachers.

This grant will support infrastructure repair (broken well & hoop house), developing closed loop systems according to permaculture principals (biodynamic preparations & compost), land management and farm tools, food preservation and soil health.

Kenneth Sparks II
The Farmer Ken, California

I am an African American, Southern California Farmer originally from Ohio. On my farm, The Farmer Ken, I grow fruit, vegetables herbs, flowers and also have a flock of chickens for fresh eggs. The food is provided to the greater Los Angeles area. The Young Farmer Grant will help continue the build out of the farm to provide even more fresh food to unde-resourced communities. One of my goals is to fight for food equity, and this grant helps with farm resiliency.

Lehia Apana
Polipoli Farms, Hawaii

Lehia Apana and her husband Brad Bayless founded Polipoli Farms in Waiehu, Maui, which produces native and Polynesian plants in a regenerative agroforest. As a Native Hawaiian, Lehia looks to ancestral technologies to grow important cultural foods, then turns those harvests into healthy packaged goods—a model that leads to healthier people and a healthier planet. Polipoli Farms recently launched a project to build an on-farm food processing hub to help reverse the trends of Hawaiʻi's broken food system, which currently imports nearly 90% of its food. Grant funding will go toward design and permitting costs.

Leticia Martinez
Flying Dogheart Farm, Oregon

Letty Dogheart, QT Indigenous Mexican, Disabled Veteran is the owner and operator of Flying Dogheart Farm a multi site urban microfarm located in East Portland. At our 2 sites we grow medicinal and culinary herbs, veggies, rabbits for meat and are embarking on honey production. In addition to our fresh produce and local meat, we have a variety of value added products ranging from herbal tinctures, dried herbs sauces honey and rabbit liver pâté. These grant funds are going to help us pay for commercial kitchen and freezer rental, market fees and staff hours for the market, this will help us get our food out to community in farmers market settings.

You can find our products in person at the Come Thru Market on the first and third Mondays of the month from May to October, 3pm-7pm at the Redd on Salmon (831 SE Salmon St. Portland, OR 97214).

Follow on Instagram @flyingdogheart to see what is happening through out the season.

Liani Spriggs
2 Cents Homegrown, Massachusetts

We are small holistic family owned farm that serves a low income urban community Massachusetts. Most of our customers receive a source of government assistance such as WIC, Senior coupons and Snap benefits. We grow a variety of seasonal produce, fruits, wide variety of herbs and fresh flower. These funds will be going to plant starts, seasonal help, help with infrastructure inflation cost for material and daycare while at markets and daily duties.

Marcella Juarez
Palo Blanco Farm and Ranch, Texas

Marcella Juarez is a young farmer and rancher in Laredo, Texas. Marcella and her family are transforming the ranch that has been in their family for over 160 years into a modern and sustainable farm and ranch operation through the use of hydroponics, solar panels, and regenerative practices. It is their goal to provide healthy, local, and organic food that is grown responsibly to their community. Funding will be used to help relieve the personal financial pressure felt by small family farmers and ranchers, such as Marcella, who often utilize personal finances to support their operations. Funding will enable Marcella to take better care of herself, have more financial control of her future, and being more joy back to farming as she pursues her dreams of feeding her community.

Martie Miller-Bartley
Long Way Farm, Washington

Long Way Farm was started in 2022 by co-owners Martie and Chloe with a goal of prioritizing the health of the land, soil, and water that sustain the farm, while also recognizing that true sustainability means farming in a way that holds the physical and mental health of the people doing that work in equal importance. The farm produces vegetables and cut flowers, and is located on Coast Salish land in Carnation, Washington. This grant funding will allow the farm to invest in tools and transportation that will help improve efficiency and accessibility so that we can keep returning to this work for years to come.

Max Martin
JD Washington Ranch, Texas

My family has been dedicated to creating a sustainable practice on the land we inherited from our great grandparents. The same land that we were enslaved on has created a new legacy that my cousins, elders, and future generations can participate in. I am overwhelmed with gratitude that I get to continue our practice with new vitality.

McCall Donoho
Maypop Farmstead, Tennessee

McCall (they/them) is a full time farmer, focused on the care of previously neglected animals and mutual aid work in Nashville. Coming from a family of veterinarians, equestrians, and farm folk, they have a lifetime of knowledge surrounding the care of land and animals, and a deep passion for the subject. McCall intends to use grant funding from the National Young Farmers Coalition to complete perimeter fencing at the farm, and to reconstruct the building that served as the farm's community space, prior to it being leveled during a storm in March 2023.

Mel Havelka
Fungi Revival, Michigan

We are Fungi Revival, a micro urban mushroom farm in Ypsilanti, Michigan. We're passionate about providing fresh mushrooms and cultivation supplies to our community, as well as providing opportunities for people to learn more about cultivating their own mushrooms by offering workshops and educational material.

We are so grateful to receive this grant from the Young Farmer's Coalition. We are going to use the funds to make infrastructure upgrades to our farming operation that will allow us to increase efficiency and scale up production in a sustainable manner, and in turn offer more to our community.

Michael Richard II
Recirculating Farms, Louisiana

Michael Richard II is a native New Orleanian with a passion for regenerative agriculture and creating a more equitable world. That passion has led him to the environmental and food justice non-profit Recirculating Farms, where he manages a regenerative urban farm in the heart of New Orleans. Michael and Recirculating Farms use community-driven policy and programming to make the food system more equitable for all cultures and bodies that participate in it.

Michelle Armogida
Farmogida, Florida

At Farm & Forage we have recently had the opportunity to re-structure our working farm into an educational farm and resource for our local community in east central Florida. We offer a variety of services from individual consultations for those who are interested in getting into small scale sustainable farming, to those looking to feed themselves and their neighbors by raising livestock and growing gardens. We also offer a variety of classes like general poultry processing and Florida gardening 101. We value teaching others the basics of how to raise and grow their own food, and are devoted to passing on this highly valuable and sought after knowledge.
We will be utilizing the grant funds in order to repair damage to our farm from the back to back hurricanes in late 2022, and improve flooded pasture lands with much needed water management.
We are so excited and truly honored to be selected for this grant and are looking for to working with National Young Farmers Coalition and Chipotle.

Michelle Armogida 🪶
Chief food bringer & land keeper

Mieschia Wilson
Next Generation Farmstead, Washington

Located in northern Whatcom County, our farmstead provides locals with a variety of pasture raised proteins. Pasture rotation is key to our operation. This funding will support our regenerative practices by allowing us to purchase additional fencing and supplies to expand our grazing system and update our poultry housing.

Pheng Her
Guerrilla Pastures, Minnesota

We come from a long line of Hmong Farmers who farmed the mountains of southeast Asia. Our newly established regenerative farm allows us to continue a rich tradition in a new land here in America and share my family’s story and culture with the world and pass down the knowledge to my children. With the money from the Young Farmers Grant I will build dedicated Grazing paddocks to rotate my dairy goats and poultry with the goal of restoring top soil. I will also be expanding my bee yard so I can maximize the number of pollinators in my area and help improve the ecosystem around me.

Randiesha Calloway
Croomstead, California

Hello, I am Randiesha, a homesteader in a prison town, which happens to also be a food desert. I grow fruits, herbs and vegetables while raising chickens. I would like to use this grant money to educate and encourage folks in the neighborhood to be water wise, grow their own food and move towards sustainability.

Raquel Reyna
Native Veda, Texas

In 2014, Rocky Reyna created Native Veda (which stands for indigenous wisdom) and introduced her own spin on healing to her community; which included sound therapy, restorative yoga, Ayurveda & indigenous cuisine. In 2019-2020, Native Veda became a non-profit and regenerative farmstead. Collaboratively with her husband and two children
they have showcased at local markets with seasonal foods and homestead handmade goods from their farm.

They plan to use the Young farmers grant to pay off the 80x20 greenhouse so that the may focus on other projects for 2023. Rocky was granted funds under the NRCS (indigenous woman farmer) grant, partial funds for a high tunnel greenhouse last year.

Raymond Artis
Good Soil Gardens, North Carolina

The mission of Good Soil Gardens farm is to grow diverse plants specifically tailored for our local bioregion that are useful to humans and wildlife alike. This includes a variety of specialty cut flowers, shrubs and trees, as well as medicinal and culinary herbs. I prioritize growing crops that are edible, native and perennial using regenerative practices in order to build healthy soil.

This grant funding will allow me to improve my farm infrastructure and increase in scale and community outreach. This would include extending my growing season by installing a hoop house, purchasing necessary tools that will enhance my efficiency, and planting a variety trees and perennial plants that will diversify the types of crops I can offer my community!

Samantha Olvera
Radical Roots, Maine

Sam co-runs Radical Roots, an organic fruit farm and plant nursery in mid-coast Maine. The Radical Roots team works hard to improve the health of the soil, preserve the genetic diversity of dozens of hardy, heirloom fruit varieties, and propagate plants that are native to the Northeast region. The grant funding will be used to buy tools and materials to expand our orchard and perennial production, implement organic fertility strategies, and build birdhouses and bat houses to increase pollination.

Samuel Jones
Lost Greens Farm, Colorado

Lost Greens Farm is a pesticide free, urban farm project located in Denver, Colorado. Our focus is farming using regenerative and density forward methods to create thriving agricultural micro-farms in urban spaces. We are proudly transgender owned and operated -- merely by existing openly as such our farm takes a stand against discriminatory political legislation and attempted erasure of trans peoples' right to self-determination and open existence. Lost Greens currently has .10 of an acre in production comprised of two plots, 25 CSA member shares, seven work-trade CSA member shares, workshop offerings, and a Sunday farmer's market booth at the Highlands Farmers Marker for 2023.

This funding will be used primarily for needed investments in infrastructure to continue growing our farming operation, specifically to expand our CSA program, acquire and convert additional urban plots to growing spaces and potentially budget to hire staff. Planned infrastructure investments include a post-harvest wash station, renovated coolshed for harvest storage including mid-temperature storage (for tomatoes and other cold-sensitive crops), farming and harvesting tools, season extension equipment (such as caterpillar tunnels or low tunnels) irrigation equipment for expanded growing spaces, automation tools (such as irrigation timers), and market booth upgrades (tents, tables, displays, and packaging).

Sarah Barney
Among the Oaks Herb Farm, Kentucky

Among the Oaks is an organic herb farm growing high quality medicinal and culinary herbs on a human scale. Guided by their reverence for the land and community, they grow, dry and craft herbs into a line of herbal teas and spice blends. Sarah is a disabled, queer, 1st generation farmer who is inspired by the magic of the everyday and loves to share that with her community through tea. Support from the Young Farmers grant will help them to build an on-site commercial kitchen and processing facility to produce our value-added products.

Sarah Davenport
Reina Mana Aquaponics, Florida

Sarah and Didier started Reina Mana Aquaponics in August 2022 with the aim of generating self-subsistence, self-determination, and power in the food system with BIPOC and low-income communities. Aside from growing food, they are working on designing more affordable and creative aquaponics models that can be easily replicated for low-income, BIPOC, elderly, youth, and disabled communities. Didier and Sarah will use the funding to improve and expand their operation so they can grow more vegetables, fruits, and fish.

Shangobunni Basu
Basu Farm, Illinois

A young farmer taking over my parents vegetable farm, transitioning to raising livestock. I plan on using the grant to buy breeding stock.

Shanice Fleming
Queenz Cut Flower Farm, New York

Queenz Cut Flower Farm is located in Troy, NY and owned and operated by me, Shanice Fleming. This is my second year running a hyperlocal flower CSA serving the greater Troy and Albany area, with a focus on making weekly flower bouquets available to all members of my community. I grow on a quarter acre of land and design weekly bouquets highlighting what I have in season mixed with foraged wildflowers and medicinal herbs, looking to shift people's opinions on what is acceptable as a cut flower. I will use my grant money to build out real infrastructure for my business, including investing in transportation and irrigation and making this dream of mine start to feel real.

Tara Slaughter
Slaughter Orchard & Cidery, Indiana

I am the co-owner of Slaughter Orchard & Cidery where we focus on creating amazing artisanal cider – both sweet and hard. We believe great cider starts with taking care of our land, trees, and the entire orchard ecosystem. We grow over 40 varieties of apples that go into our harvest driven artisanal ciders, and we are excited to continue growing the size of our orchard.
We will be using the grant to plant the next phase of our orchard including both apple trees and the regenerative orchard floor plants. Continuing to care for the entire orchard will allow us to raise amazing apples for years into the future.

Trayaun Birgan
T&K Faith, Community, Love Farm, Alabama

My wife and I, first generation farmers, run a 13-acre regenerative farm in Alabama called T&K's Faith, Love, Community Farm. We use animals and natural resources to improve our land and serve our community. With the funds provided by the National Young Farmers Coalition plus our innovative thoughts, we plan to kickstart growth of our operations in multiple areas. Using the funding for ideas such as buying animals, improving infrastructure, and clearing land, we will maximize the potential of our land and our reach within the community.

Ysabela Trujillo
Corrales Classic Farms, New Mexico

Corrales Classic Farms is a family operated market farm located in Corrales, NM. We grow multiple varieties of garlic, seasonal vegetables and native seeds while incorporating healthy soil practices and responsible water use. Our community is our life line as we work to provide the best quality food for our local market, CSA’s, friends and family. The Young Farmers grant will be used to design, build, and open a farm-stand. This will be a momentous change for our farm allowing us to provide a space for our local community and provide them with amazing food.

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Initiatives For The Next Generation

Learn about the programs Chipotle has created to help support the next generation of farmers overcome modern day barriers.

Rolling farmland.


Seed Grant fellow.

Seed Grants

Awarding $5,000 to 50 farmers under the age of 40 to help them overcome barriers

$5 Million Commitment

Investing $5 million over the next 5 years to help farmers succeed


Long-term Contracts

Awarding long-term contracts to help young farmers get started

Next Generation Scholarships

Contributed over $375,000 to date to Niman Ranch’s Next Generation Foundation scholarship fund to alleviate student debt


Supporting ventures that are advancing innovative solutions in sustainable farming


5% of the profits from the sales of Tractor beverages support young farmers

Farmers Market

Connecting you with a few of our favorite partners who supply real food from the source


Making ethical clothing with profits going to sustainable farming organizations

Helping Farmers Break Down Barriers

Every burrito we roll or bowl we fill is made possible by our farmers who ethically source our real food.  But farmers need us now more than ever. Learn how we are helping them break down barriers.

Rolling farmland.


Seed Grant fellow.

Seed Grants

Awarding $5,000 to 50 farmers under the age of 40 to help them overcome barriers

$5 Million Commitment

Investing $5 million over the next 5 years to help farmers succeed


Long-term Contracts

Awarding long-term contracts to help young farmers get started

Next Generation Scholarships

Contributed over $375,000 to date to Niman Ranch’s Next Generation Foundation scholarship fund to alleviate student debt


Supporting ventures that are advancing innovative solutions in sustainable farming


5% of the profits from the sales of Tractor beverages support young farmers

Farmers Market

Connecting you with a few of our favorite partners who supply real food from the source


Making ethical clothing with profits going to sustainable farming organizations

Behind the scenes of A Future Begins.
A Future Begins

Watch the making of the film

A Future Begins

Watch the film

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