Watch how Kacey Musgraves reimagines Coldplay’s “Fix You” to accompany our new short film, “A Future Begins.”

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Inspired by real farms & farmers

Every character from our film down to the solar panels were inspired by our real partners who make it possible to Cultivate a Better World.

The inspiration behind the main character

Our main character was inspired by a young, third generation farmer who stepped up to take over their family farm to keep it in the family.

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TayloR Farms Crop Rotation

Our 25 year partner, Taylor Farms, inspired modern farming techniques showcased in the film, such as crop rotation.

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River Point Farms Water Innovation

River Point Farms, our long time onion supplier, inspired the water management scenes shown throughout the film.

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Limoneira Renewable Energy

A Chipotle partner since 2010, Limoneira inspired the solar panels and other new technology featured in the film.

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Meet the characters

Ma and Pa
Son's Partner
Behind the scenes of A Future Begins.
A Future Begins

Watch the making of the film

Still from the original film, Back to the Start.
Back to the start

Watch the original film

The future of real food begins with farmers

Help pave the way to a brighter future for the next generation of farmers and the future of real food.

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