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story of River Point Farms & Water Innovation

River Point Farms, our long time onion supplier, inspired the water management scenes shown throughout the film.

Meet River Point Farms

River Point Farms is a leading onion grower, having set the standard for growing, storing, and packaging onions. River Point Farms is also a long-time Chipotle partner and supplier. They grow the onions that we serve in our favorite recipes and have worked hard to perfect their water innovation and soil health processes.

Learn About Their Water Management Practices

River Point Farms understand that water is a precious resource. Without water, their farms wouldn't be able to produce real, sustainable food. They’ve been on the forefront of water conservation for over 25 years and practice Best Water Management Practices as accepted by the Washington State Department of Ecology. Their farms utilize real-time soil moisture sensors that communicate with the irrigation and production teams to help determine the amount of water needed. River Point Farms actually increased the number of acres that they grow using drip irrigation. The use of drip irrigation reduces water usage by up to 12 inches per year with less evaporation.

The Importance of Water Innovation and Soil Health

River Point Farms inspired the water innovation scenes from the film because of their continued efforts to conserve water and ensure optimal soil health. Water management is important to River Point Farms because it directly affects the quality of their onions. Onions are able to utilize the drip irrigation technique to further help reduce overall water consumption on the farm.

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