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story of Taylor Farms & Crop Rotation

Our 25 year partner, Taylor Farms, inspired modern farming techniques showcased in the film, such as crop rotation.

Meet Taylor Farms

Taylor Farms is a 25-year Chipotle partner that supplies us with produce from cilantro to romaine lettuce. Throughout our partnership, Taylor Farms has refused to stop perfecting and innovating the way they grow real, sustainable produce.

Learn About Their Zero Waste Program

Taylor Farms certified their first facility as Platinum Zero Waste in 2018. Since then, they have received two more Platinum certifications at their facilities in California and plan to have their 4th and 5th facilities certified by the start of 2022. Their goal is to take the Zero Waste program across the entire Taylor Farms network. Since 2018, three of their California facilities have reduced over 175,000 MT of greenhouse gas emissions. That’s equivalent to taking over 37,000 cars off the road annually!

The Importance of Crop Rotation

Taylor Farms also inspired the beautiful crop rotation scene from the film because of their exceptional use of the farming technique. The rationale behind crop rotation is that when the same crop is grown in the same place over and over, the soil is depleted of certain nutrients. Crop rotation ensures that a crop that draws one particular kind of nutrient from the soil is followed by a crop that returns that nutrient to the soil. Because of their wide diversity of product offerings, they have the ability to work with growers for items that complement each other.

The Future of Farming at Taylor Farms

As Taylor Farms continues growing and becomes a more vertically integrated company, they will continue focusing on sustainable growing practices. They are committed to a sustainable agricultural value chain and are currently developing KPI metrics for their farm. Taylor Farms is focused on five main areas: nutrient management and soil health, water quality and stewardship, greenhouse gas emissions, material management and integrated pest management. This area of work is under development at Taylor Farms and we hope to have more information to share on it soon!

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